Friday, August 12, 2011

Buying & Wearing Hair Extensions

We all want thick beautiful hair don't we? I recently got a lot of questions about My Hair. How did it get so long? Are you wearing extensions? I have always had a short cut. It's manageable and gave my hair volume but I promised myself to grow long hair again! Every time I promise myself about mid way through I would cut my hair so I finally bought extensions.

First off you want Real Hair!
Secondly you want a lot of it. This is done by weight.
Lastly the price has to be right.
Believe me you could spend thousands on extensions.

I finally decided on Luxy Hair! They are clip in extensions in Dirty Blonde. Surprisingly they are really comfortable. I went with the 160 gram set for $149. For extensions this is a great price for Real Remy Hair. Remy Hair tangles less and is the best quality available.

So lets begin and I will show you a quick look at how i put these in. Please disregard that my hair is in desperate need of color! The hair comes with 10 wefts and you can place them where you want. It has taken me some practice to figure out my placement.

This is just a quick look but it gives you the idea. They clip onto your hair and are made amazingly well. These can be cut, colored, blow dried, curled, and straightened. Mine have been cut and layered by my amazing stylist. She is so patient with me and that's why I love her.

Here's a look at the back of my hair. The whole process takes me about ten minutes. I'm a mom so yeah I can get ready pretty fast. I may not always be completely put together but that goes with the territory. I will say that my kids always look good though!

Here's a picture of the front. You can see what a huge difference they make.
I can't wait for my hair to get longer. Then I can add only a few wefts at a time and get the look I want!

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  1. It's funny how us women are never happy. I'm just the opposite. I have extremely thick hair with lots of body and I hate it. I'd give anything for thin, stick straight hair. Mine is unruly, hot and frizzy. I love your extensions. I think they are beautiful!

  2. They look great Beth. You really can't tell its not your real hair. Love you

  3. They definitely look totally real... I would have never guessed that you wore extensions. And that's a great price, too!

  4. Oh my goodness! That is amazing. I am passing this on to my friend! Thanks for linking up at 504 Main!!!

  5. My hair is fine, too. There isn't really enough of it to do anything fun with and, just like you, every time I try to grow it out, it becomes lifeless and I become disappointed.

    While I love the look of the extensions, I have to say you look just as beautiful with the bob!

  6. These look pretty cool! I have super fine hair too. I once tried to grow dreadlocks and it turned out horrible. I looked like I was bald with little strands of hair sticking out of my head, ha. Great blog, am a new follower :).

  7. Thank You everyone. I was nervous about doing this post. I'm glad I did :) xoxo

  8. I have really thick, course hair- but when it's long, it's so heavy, it hurts to style it up, or anything.. But I LOVE the Luxy Sisters! I am a fan of their fb page, and watch a lot of their you tube tutorials. They gave me lots of inspiration to start styling my hair more! Way to go- I think their product is amazing, for the price, too and the quality, you can't beat it. I don't really need them, but I really want them just for fun to do some of their fun styles that you need super long hair to achieve. You look great!

  9. Beth you are so pretty!

    I love how you can pull off short or long hair amazingly!!


  10. Gorgeous! Thanks for linking up at Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop :)

  11. if you hadn't shared your secret i would never have guessed that your weren't just a natural long-haired the extensions...thanks for linking up to fridays unfolded!


  12. Your extensions look beautiful! I've had extensions done at my salon, but not for a long time. Mine were a glue-in variety & lasted about four months at a time. I didn't like them after awhile because they were so tight they hurt my head. They do look amazingly realistic & no one would know unless you told them.
    :) CAS

  13. wow, they look so natural. And you look great with long hair.

  14. I featured this excellent post here, on facebook, and pinned on Pinterest. Thanks for linking up at Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop :)

  15. thank you so much for linking up...I hope to see you next week!

  16. They Look Great! I tried some a few years back and loved them...they seemed to have walked away on their own after we moved. lol. I think I am going to go search my basement for them. Thanks for sharing =)

  17. These are the clip ins that I have. I have really thin hair in the front, and really thick hair in the back. Clip in's just don't work well in my hair since the clip ins are always thicker in the back and not front- maybe I will clip them back in before I make the commitment of fusion extensions!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog!

  18. I want to do this!! Now I just need to pick a hair color and stick with it for a while :) Thanks for the tips!


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