6 Best Beauty Tips

To keep your hair looking healthy use hair oils once a week.
You can use coconut, olive, and others to keep your hair beautiful. 

I’m so happy to say this tip works and I use it all the time.
When you are running low on mascara add a few drops of saline solution.
Your mascara will come back to life, promise.

Use Baby Powder as a Dry Shampoo.
It soaks up any oils on your scalp and is less expensive.
Make sure to use in small amounts because you don’t want white patches.

Keep those pesky little bobby pins on hand.
Store inside of a tic tac container or add a magnetic strip in your bathroom.

Broken Makeup can be the worst. Just add alcohol and smooth back together.
The alcohol dries up and leaves your makeover as good as new. 

Make your own eye make up remover. 
Think about all the money you would save and tears free.
I love saving money in the beauty department. That and saving time is important to me.
Do you use any tips like these?


  1. says

    I always heat my eyelash curler and you are right it totally works but be careful not to get it too hot…it doesn’t take much heat to burn yourself! :)

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