Just the Girls

Sunday was a fun kind of day.

So the day started with a huge mess with these two girls.
If you follow me on Facebook you know the mess they made today.
They are so sweet though even if they make trouble.

They are the best of friends and I love watching them together.
They are over the cold weather and so am I.
We are all waiting for Spring and wanting to be outside.
Daddy snapped a few pictures of the three of us.
We had dinner with friends and we all decided to pair dresses with leggings.
It’s a lot of fun deciding on outfits for these two.
They are really into it and will tell you what they like and dislike.

Of course Brianna wasn’t complete without a big bow.
She has been really into accessories lately.
Let’s just say we don’t go anywhere near Claires, or Charming Charlies.
It is a disaster and she thinks she is there to shop.

Do you have more fun shopping for yourself or your kids?
I love our shopping trips just the girls and I.
I love to point out the cute things I see to them. Brianna would say “that’s so coot!”


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