Bedroom Reveal

I’ve got to tell you that I’m In Love.
With our new room of course and my husband too.
Seriously I finally feel like we have an adult bedroom and it’s beautiful.
Here is a before and after picture of our bed and headboard.
We rearranged furniture as you can clearly see and I’m so glad we did.
Books on the nightstand and lots of comfortable pillows.
Eliminating our headboard and foot board saved us a total of eighteen inches.
That doesn’t seem like much but in a small room every bit counts.
You can see more before photos at Bedroom Before and Colors.

We eliminated our huge vanity mirror and I found this beauty at TJ Maxx.
I also add a new lamp that just matches everything so perfectly.
You can also see my new little bird and handmade Jewelry Holder.
The room feels so much larger and we have used space more wisely.

The wicker basket and bird cage above the tv amoire were thrifted.
A little spray paint does the trick for just about anything, true story.
I couldn’t possibly not make room for my scentsy warmer.
Our favorite bedroom scent is Luna (floral, sweet pea, berries, sandalwood).

We kept our old curtains that I made years ago and used new tie backs.
I really didn’t want to purchase and sew new curtains after buying the blinds.
I love these blinds and they have darkened up our room which was needed.
My necklace holder I made out of wood and glass antique knobs.
Our sheets and comforter were a Christmas gift that we were waiting to use.
Both of these came from Target. Love Target I mean who doesn’t right?
The blue flowered pillows and the yellow pillow I made.
The bird pillow was a Giveaway win from Olive Handmade

I’m pretty impressed with how we pulled it together.
I love the colors and I feel like this is now our space to relax.
I love how patient my husband is with me and how we work together.
I’m so glad that it’s done and tonight I will sleep peacefully knowing it’s finally finished.
If you could makeover any space in your house what would it be?
Do you have any projects planned?


  1. says

    We are in the middle of a makeover right now. Our guest room was a combination guest room/off/sewing & craft room. Needless to say to many things going on in one small room. My mother-in-law lived with us up until 2 weeks ago when she decided to move to Washington to live with her younger son. So we found ourselves with an empty room and decided to make it over into a guest room someone would actually like to stay in. I have posted pictures on my blog at of the before and will post more as the project progresses. Your bedroom makeover is gorgeous and I hope ours turns out as well.

  2. says

    Its here its here!! the bedroom reveal!! I love it!! Love the wall color, love how you opened it up, it does look bigger! So happy for you! I know what its like to want a special place of your own. I am hoping to do ours this year!
    great job!!

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