Do I Tell You Too Much

I sat down tonight to begin writing for my Speak Now post coming up.

I knew exactly what I wanted to say and began to type and suddenly had to stop.
Here I sit with my thoughts wondering if I tell you all enough?
If you are really getting to know me and how deep of a person I am?
Or do I tell you too much at times?

I recently saw a discussion among bloggers saying some of us tell too much.
I gave my opinion on this because it was right after I revealed my secret.
I couldn’t just let it be even though it wasn’t anything personal.
I took it personally because I want you to know me and my real life.
What’s wrong with you knowing me?  
I want to bare my soul and use this space to be me.
You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t care to be and want to get to know me.
Just as I wouldn’t read the blogs I read if I didn’t want to know more.
Of course it’s fine to keep some things personal and special.
I feel like each time I sit down to write whether it be a story or a tutorial…
I’m speaking to friends and people who care about our family.
People that I care about and want to know.
I have been really taking a look at myself as a person lately.
I sit here smiling because I have to say life isn’t perfect and it never will be…
But I’m Happy honest to goodness happy.
I have bad days where nothing goes right but it doesn’t compare to the good.
I sometimes over extend myself and my capabilities but that’s me.
At the end of the day it doesn’t matter because to be me isn’t easy but I love it.
I love this life I’ve been given and the blessings that rain down on us.
Somehow things always work themselves out and all the good out weighs the bad.
So I’m going to continue blogging the way that I do and letting you know me.
Sharing what I want to share and opening myself up for criticism.
Besides blogging is much cheaper than therapy right?

Thank You all for the support yesterday for my Shop Opening.


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    I am so with you on being honest. I have found that while some of my readers don’t comment on some of my more honest and painful posts, I do find comments from others who I wasn’t even aware were reading.

    I have decided that I need to live my life honestly and if someone doesn’t like it there are lots of other blogs for them to read. That is the beauty of the internet.


  2. says

    Ok, you can jump out of my head anytime now!! Again, I was laying in bed, debating on a “bedroom” talk post, but was wondering if its a little tmi. This post is perfect. People are here because they want to read, and want to know you! :) have a wonderful Wednesday love!

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    That’s exactly right! If people want to read it, they will; if they don’t, they won’t. But you should blog about whatever you want. It’s awesome to have people reading your blog (I love my readers, they are awesome!), but your blog should still be about you and what makes you happy, not what your readers want to see, cuz it’s YOUR blog! :-)

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    I’m totally with you that’s it’s okay to share, whatever you want. That’s what I try to do in my space. I’m not perfect. My life is not perfect. I would be dishonest and not being true to myself or my readers if I pretended to be. Maybe what I have to say isn’t for everyone – and if that’s the case, my space isn’t for them. I dislike to read blogs where everything is rainbows and unicorns all the time – it’s not realistic and you don’t truly get to know someone that way! Keep up the good work! I think you’re doing great!

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    I struggle with either putting too much out there or not enough! I need to find a good balance but I find the blogs that I gravitate toward are the ones of people who really write from their heart and souls!

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    So first I read the title of your post and thought, “who you?! never!” as sarcastically as I could. I love that you share and are real. Why do you think I keep coming back for more, girly!?
    Love ya TONS!!!

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