Feeling Rushed

Today is one of those days that I didn’t sleep well last night.
I was up very early and had a lot of my mind with life feeling a bit rushed.
Summer is beginning and today will be Dylan’s last day of kindergarten.

 Do you ever have those moments as a wife and mother where you miss yourself?
You need some time to capture your thoughts and process the busy life you live.
Well that is exactly how I’m feeling with things right now.

 With dance ending and school being over summer will begin. 
We will relax for a couple months before soccer begins and we prepare for the new school year.
Time just seems to go by so fast and I don’t have enough hours in one day.

 Sometimes it feels as though I have it all together all the time and other days not so much.
It’s like I’m in the circus and doing a juggling act for the very first time as the crowd watches in silence.
The girls and I will be at the school all day today and after that I will breath a sigh of relief.

I’m going to drive home and let the little ones know we are kicking summer off with a nap.
I will get arguments but they need to remember I can ruin their summer so today they will nap.
They will all like it and smile graciously as we calm down the rush of things.


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