I Heart the Love Club & Winners

Can I tell you how happy I am that I joined Love Club?
Seriously, I’m not one that does for myself without guilt following…

 This is perfect for me and the excitement was through the roof I’m telling ya.
You open up the box and see a list of what’s included, discounts, and love from Heather.
The packaging is gorgeous and so much love and time went into them.

 My girls where totally standing over my shoulder waiting to see the surprises.
Washi tape and Polka dot tissue paper just melt my heart <3

 I’m so pleased with June’s Love Club that I did a little dance in the dining room.
It was a totally dorky dance that I had no business doing but who cares I got pretties!

So what if my girls are already trying to claim some of it because I feel special.
Thank You so much Heather for putting some much love and time into what you do.
Let me just say that it’s appreciated and you are fabulous!
Now who wants the winners from my 30th Birthday Giveaways
 I do, but first I want to thank the amazing ladies that joined me in celebrating.
I heart you and can you believe we had 7,211 entries? That’s just crazy.
Remember there are 15 Winners and each win two prizes!
Let Me Go Ahead and Break It Down for Ya’ll
The Winners are posted here and in 30th Birthday Giveaways
Allison S.
Large Ad Space from Rags to Stitches, $15 Shop Credit from Cait Create

Leslie M.
Reclaimed Wood Sign from PB&J Stories, Large Ad Space from Jenni Austria Germany

Katie E.
$25 Shop Credit from The Paper Plume, Extra Large Ad Space from Truly Lovely

Maddux Love Necklace from Love Stitched, $15 Shop Credit from Eisley Rae

Lauren H.
Vintage Class Collection from A3 Sisters, $10 Shop Credit and Large Ad Space from The Grant Life

Nora S.
Surprise Bag from J & M’s Eye Candy, Feature Ad Space from The Momma Bird

Nicole E.
Vintage Earrings from DondaLee’s, $30 Shop Credit from Sweet Sugar Beet

Shanna U.
Medium Ad Space from Living In Yellow, 1 Month Membership to Love Club from Just Lovely Things

Connie L.
$25 Shop Credit from Simply Rustic, Embroidered Pendant from The Hollie Rogue

Mistey O.
Chevron Nail Decals from Made By Munchies Mama, Mommy Necklace from Brag About It

Jessica H.
$30 Shop Credit from Through the Eyes of the Mrs., 4th of July Party Package from Absolute Mommy

Kelly B.
Accessories from Simply Nothing Else Matters, 6 months Small Ad from Mom2Memphis and Ruby

Melissa E. 
You and Me Necklace from Agape Love Designs, $15 Shop Credit from Keeley Behling Studios

Amanda A.
$20 Shop Credit from 3 Four and Under, $10 Shop Credit and Large Ad from Finding My Way in Texas

Antonette S. 
$25 Shop Credit from Songs Kate Sang, 2 months Medium Ad Space from Imprintalish

I will be emailing you all soon and then forwarding your information!
You can refresh your memory and see what you’ve won in 30th Birthday Giveaways
Congratulations ladies… I’m super jealous of all your new fabulous prizes!
Can’t wait to find another reason to celebrate!

Please tell me what you do for yourself guilt free as a treat?


  1. says

    Congrats to the winners!

    I struggle too with doing things for me without feeling guilt. My most recent thing I try to do to treat myself is to head over to the local Botanical Gardens every Saturday morning (this is doable now because my kids are grown,the garden is a 5 min drive from my house and it is free for city residents to get in on Saturday mornings from 7 to noon) with my travel mug of coffee, and find a lovely place to sit and get caffeineated – all while filling my soul with the silence and the beauty. I think I am much less stressed after that, and ready to meet whatever the day brings.

  2. says

    What a wonderful box to arrive! I’d absolutely love me some swag like that. The pretty glittery polish, that sweet bow, I love it all! I’m sure that Love Club’s membership will be skyrocketing after this shout-out from you. Going to go check it out right now. Thanks so much for sharing this business with us. Enjoy that loveliness, you deserve it.

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