DIY Gingerbread House Kit

We wanted to give our good friends a little extra Christmas spirit. We created our own Gingerbread House Kit for their family to enjoy. We began with a trip to our Dollar Store for candies.

We picked up Dots, Gumballs, Animal Crackers, Old Fashioned Candies, Peppermints and Spearmint. I used some chocolate wafers and shredded coconut as well.

Our candies went into small bags sealed with a piece of white polka dot washi tape. We used graham crackers and cut them carefully to make the shapes of a gingerbread house. If you want to see what they look like you can check them out here.

There is something about candy that just makes everyone smile. We included enough supplies for our friends to make two gingerbread houses.

I purchased a square craft box. At the bottom I packed two cake circles from Wilton. I then added our candy and carefully packed our graham crackers inside. Lastly I added a bag full of the dry mix for Royal Icing.

I added the lid to our festive Pom Pom Christmas Present and tied it tightly with red yarn. You can give these fun kits to all of your friends this season and they are budget friendly so don’t forget anyone!


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