Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Snow Days

We are still experiencing negative temperatures in Ohio. Thankfully it's starting to warm up and I'm hoping for a warmer weekend. Who wants to deal with a negative forty five degrees at night or anytime for that matter? The kids are missing their teachers and ready to see their friends.

I'm ready to do an entire clean sweep of our house after weeks of Christmas vacation. I keep finding toys shoved everywhere. Dirty socks under the bed and rubber bands are everywhere of course. I'm used to cleaning up after three but when you don't get moment to do damage control it becomes catastrophic .

Today I'm going to do my best to stay motivated and keep these three from becoming too bored. Hopefully everyone will get along nicely and momma can get some work done around here. I hope your families are staying nice and warm. Don't worry spring will be here before you know it!


  1. Really holding out for Spring over here. Quite sick of this sub-zero hold over the country.... BRRRR!!

  2. Spring cant come quickly enough! Im more than ready to be at a beach with a margarita in hand. Lets gooooo! <3


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